Welcome to Electrical & Electronics Department 

           Institute of Engineering & Management (IEM) aims to provide an international ambiance and exposure with innovative teaching techniques and courses which are tailor-made (technical & soft skills) for the job market giving the students the winning edge and competitive advantage during placements.

The Electrical & Electronics Department is one of the best engineering departments of Institute of Engineering and Management. Approved by AICTE, it was established under the affiliation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (erstwhile West Bengal University of Technology). The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a new department and planned to produce scientists and technologists of the highest caliber. Right from its inception, it aimed towards imparting quality education with special emphasis on technical knowledge. The department runs strong upcoming undergraduate programs and in addition to this, the department has been playing a pioneering role in producing world-class graduates and scholars. With access to the research in cutting-edge technology, students from this department have maintained a consistent balance between academic excellence and extracurricular activities which is reflected in their achievements in the technical fests, science exhibitions, cultural fests, etc. Students are encouraged to take part in technical training, workshops, visits to companies. Like all other departments, EEE department also encourages the students to explore beyond the boundaries of a prescribed academic syllabus in order to hone their skills and enrich their knowledge. Our faculties emphasize state-of-the-art scientific and engineering methods pertinent to computer science and software engineering in order to lead students to a point of understanding where they remain inquisitive, serious, ethical, and creative problem solvers. The department provides wireless internet service round the clock to help students keep up with the ever-changing world of engineering. In addition to this, the infrastructure and lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students and researchers to learn and innovate. And students are trained with good practical exposure by using those modernly equipped laboratories. Experiments are conducted and recorded, to analyze and interpret data in scientific and engineering aspects that cover multi-disciplinary subjects enabling them to comprehend, analyze EEE problems and develop solutions. 

The department has distinguished faculty members, all from renowned institutes in India. The faculty of the department has been constantly carrying out research on many cutting edge technologies and regularly publishes in IEEE and other top international conferences and journals.

Vision of the Department

To produce comprehensively trained, socially responsible, innovative engineers and researchers of the highest quality to contribute to the nation’s imprint on the world stage.

Mission of the department

  • To create competent and trained professionals in Electrical and Electronics engineering for industries
  • To promote Research and Developmental work for the advancement & application of science and technology.
  • To impart value based education to satisfy all the stakeholders.

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